The Brewmaster

Don Abraczinskas is living his dream as the brewmaster for Turkey Hill Brewing Company. He started brewing beer over 25 years ago; more than a hobby, he would say it is a “passion”. For him, brewing is both an art and a science; and his philosophy of being meticulous throughout the entire process of brewing shines through in all of his beers.

Don trademarked his beers under the name Urban Abbey Brewing Co, but he is thrilled to be able to utilize his brewing expertise at Turkey Hill Brewing Company.

Don has another full time job as a Christmas tree grower, a business that has been in his family for over 100 years. Because he believes that a good work ethic is the basis for anything you do, the long hours and hard work reflect in the end result of his beers.

Don graduated from the University of South Carolina, as did Andrew Pruden, the owner of the brewpub… they pretty much feel as though this was fate!