Spring is Coming – New Brews / New Eats / New Liquors

Spring is Coming – New Brews / New Eats / New Liquors

Spring is almost in the air and that means new seasonal brews and a new eats at THBC!!

Along with our year round staple brews, we produce seasonal styles that lend a happy drinking hand to help you enjoy the ever changing looks of Mother Nature in NEPA.
Most people think there are four seasons – we know this isn’t true here in Bloomsburg. In addition to the regular seasons we also have Mud Season / First Spring of Deception / Second Spring of Deception / Second Winter and several others.
But every season has one thing in common – it is always Beer Season!!!

A Lenten favorite like the Turkenator Doppelbock just released on 3.01.22 and Donny’s Irish Dry Stout will be ready in time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
(No, we don’t do green beer).

Our Chefs are hard at work as well coming up with new menu items for the upcoming warm weather. Our regular menu will switch to Spring inspired dishes in April.

Our Wild Game Menu is now available daily & features local and national wild game cuisine!!!
Click here to check out the Wild Game menu!!

We have also teamed up with Brandywine Branch Distillers to bring Revivalist Spirits and Resurgent Bourbon & Whiskey to the Brewing Co.
A boutique distillery located outside of Philadelphia that share in the same attention to detail in their products as we do in our brews.
Revivalist Gins & Vodka / Resurgent Bourbon & Rye Whiskey will be available starting 03.30.22 at The Brew Pub.
In addition  – the distillers were kind enough to give us two different barrels to use for beer experimentation and aging – stay tuned for the release of these plus upcoming collabs.
We currently have our Urban Abbey Abandoned Sour Series Berliner in the Revivalist Gin / Wine Barrel.
And The Turkenator Doppelbock Lager is in the Resurgent Cask Bourbon Barrel.