A Little About Our Brews

Industrial Union Dortmunder

North German Pale Lager, crisp & clean, malty notes w/ flavorful hop bitterness, pale straw color, dry finish

A.B.V. – 5.4% 

I.B.U. – 42

60 Shillings Scottish Ale

Malt forward, medium-­bodied, low hop character, copper hues with a sweet, caramel finish

A.B.V. – 4.0%

I.B.U. – 21

A Mid Summers Night Saison

Farmhouse style brew Rye malt, Loral hops, orange blossom honey, earthy notes, lemon, citrus notes

A.B.V. – 6.3%

I.B.U. – 26

Cask Conditioned Beer Engine

Rotating Styles On Tap – Server Will Provide Current Selection

Gravity fed, hand pull, classic beer engine, served at cellar temperature 53-55 degrees, traditional beer serving method

The Inn Keeper’s Biere de Garde

French Farmhouse style brew, upfront malty sweetness, notes of dried apricots & dates, a warming, dry finish

 A.B.V. – 7.2%

I.B.U. ­ 32

Bohemian Grisette

Farmhouse style brew, sweet pink fruit nose, light body, subtle peppery notes, very dry, cooling finish

A.B.V. – 5.6%

I.B.U. – 21

Group Therapy E.S.B.

Extra Special Bitter, malt forward, very lightly hopped, hints of raisin & dried dark, sweet fruit, notes of toffee

 A.B.V. – 4.2%

I.B.U. ­ 18

Bamboozled in Bruges Belgian Blonde Ale w/ Sour Cherries

Belgian Yeast, medium bodied, sour cherry notes blended with earthy flavors, smooth finish

 A.B.V. – 7.0%

I.B.U. ­ 28

Witty Witty Bang Bang

Belgian Wit blended with a Saison, well balanced flavors made of coriander, ginger root, bitter & sweet orange peel

  A.B.V. – 6.7%

I.B.U. ­ 25

Brewin Moon Oktoberfest

Traditional Marzen style Lager, malt forward, sweet, caramel notes, smooth flavors, seasonal brew

A.B.V. – 4.5%

I.B.U. – 25

Black Heart I.P.A.

American Black I.P.A., rich, roasted dark malts w/ balanced hints of sticky, hop bitterness, smoky, earthy notes

A.B.V. – 5.5%

I.B.U. ­ 60

Rolling Fog Barleywine

Vertical series Barleywine, brewed once every 3 years then aged. Notes of dried dark fruits, hints of vanilla & chocolate, lots of robust dark, roasty malts, hidden booze…

A.B.V. – 10%

I.B.U. 64

Barn Dance Blonde Ale

Our most mild brew, Farmhouse style German Kolsch, subtle malt & hop character

A.B.V. – 4.7%

I.B.U. – 14

Wholly Trinity Tripel

BIG Belgian Tripel, full bodied, candied Belgian sugar notes, sweet flavors, balanced, secretly boozy, 21+ candy

  A.B.V. – 8.3%

I.B.U. – ­ 19

Inflategate New England I.P.A.

Vermont Ale Yeast, vigorously hopped, juicy, fresh, citrus hop forward bursts, hazy appearance, hops on hops on hops

A.B.V. – 6.8%

I.B.U. ­ 71

Red RyePA I.P.A.

Rye malt, peppery notes, strong Mosaic Hops presence throughout, subtle citrus notes, fresh grassy aromas

A.B.V. – 6.6%

I.B.U. – 68

Pick A Hop Pale Ale

New Zealand Hop Pale Ale w/ Moteuka, Wakatu & Waimea hops, tropical fruit notes, hints of citrus hop bitterness

A.B.V. – 4.4%

I.B.U. – 38

Czexican Lager

Mexican Lager/ Czech style Pilsner creation, light body, refreshing, subtle malty sweet notes, very mild hop bitterness

A.B.V. – 4.6%

I.B.U. – 25

Lightstreet Porter

lighter, English style Porter, rich, dark malts, hints of chocolate, subtle coffee bitterness, smooth, creamy

A.B.V. – 3.7%

I.B.U. – 21

The F.H.K. (Farmhouse Kolsch)

Our traditional Farmhouse style German Kolsch complimented with a Belgian Chimay Yeast strain

A.B.V. – 4.5%

I.B.U. – 14

Black Satin Dancer

 Aged about a year to 3 years, vertical series every 3 years, Chocolate notes, smooth vanilla nose, full- rich, creamy, dark flavors hints of licorice and figs, typically available on tap in the winter

A.B.V. – 10.8%

Doonie’s Dubbel

Belgian Dubbel, full bodied, candied Belgian sugar notes, subtle sweet flavors, hints of dark fruit

A.B.V. – 7.3%

I.B.U. – 28

Limited Release Batches:

Brews On Tap in this section are limited release, one of a kind brews ranging in a variety of styles.  There can be Wild beers, Urban Abbey Barrel Aged Series, Urban Abbey Malted Ciders or just a funky one off, experimental style

that the guys have created.  Each is uniquely bold, stirring up flavors that challenge your palate.

A maximum of TWO styles will be available on tap at any given time. The list is constantly changing

Urban Abbey Raspberry Wheat

Traditional wheat beer with just the right amount of apricot, soft fruit flavors, sweet notes

A.B.V. – 5.6%

I.B.U. – 21

Palmetto Pilsner

Czech style Pilsner, Saaz hops throughout, subtle spicy malt notes, hints of hop bitterness, crisp and clean

A.B.V. – 5.3%
I.B.U. – 28

Revelation Pale Ale

American Pale Ale, well balanced hop bitterness throughout, citrus flavors, year-round, staple brew

A.B.V. – 4.8%

I.B.U. – 53

Maze-In Corn Stout

 flaked corn, sweet, balanced w/ roasted & chocolate malts, smooth, creamy, drinkability  

A.B.V. – 5.7%

I.B.U. – 25

What the Helles?

Very light, refreshing German Lager, “brite” straw hues, crisp, balanced malt & hop bitterness, last tastes of summer…

A.B.V. – 4.7%

I.B.U. – 25

The Turkenator Doppelbock

Traditional German, Lenten seasonal Lager, malt forward and throughout, full bodied, sweet, smooth, roasty notes

A.B.V. – 7.0%

I.B.U. – 25

Urban Abbey Pumpkin Lager

Our traditional Marzen style Lager with Fall spices… Get it while ya can!!

A.B.V. – 4.5%

I.B.U. – 19

Urban Abbey Abandoned Sour Series

Rotating Berliners w/ fruit – Server Will Provide Current Selection

Kettle sour beers – Berliner Weiss, very light, tart, crisp German style bier, a refreshing summer seasonal

Urban Abbey Apricot Wheat

Traditional wheat beer with just the right amount of apricot, soft fruit flavors, sweet notes

A.B.V. – 5.6%

I.B.U. – 21

Iron Street Porter

heartier style Porter, rich, dark, sweet  malts, hints of chocolate & vanilla, subtle hop bitterness, smooth

A.B.V. – 5.5%

I.B.U. – 47

Fog & Flame Espresso Porter

Our Iron Street Porter infused with espresso from Bloomsburg’s own, Fog & Flame Coffee Shop

A.B.V. – 5.5%

I.B.U. – 52

We Are… I.P.A.

West coast style India Pale Ale, lots of fresh, resiny, dank hop bitterenss

A.B.V. – 6.2%

I.B.U. – 67

Journeyman I.P.A.

Flag ship India Pale Ale, strong floral & herbal aromas, hop forward yet balanced with sweet, caramel notes

A.B.V. – 7.0%

I.B.U. – 68