image by © DaZo Vintage Stock

image by © DaZo Vintage Stock

Interested in having a large group at The Brew Pub?  We’d love to have your group experience the great food and tasty brews we have to offer ~ here are some details on how we handle large parties.  We do these to ensure that every patron receives the highest quality service!

* We DO NOT TAKE RESERVATIONS ~ only call aheads on the DAY OF ONLY for parties of 8 or greater.  This is still NOT A RESERVATION, we will do our absolute best to get your party in around the time that you call for.  The Inn at Turkey Hill (570-387-1500) CANNOT make reservations for The Brew Pub (570-387-8422).

* Hostesses will begin answering the phone at 4:00 (570-387-8422) and it is a first call basis ~ in the circumstance that we receive several calls for the same time frame we MAY ask your party to come in at a later time in the night.  It is usually best and we are better able to accommodate larger parties before 5:00 and after 8:30.

* Parties of 10 or more MAY BE SPLIT UP into smaller groupings ~ tables are usually in very close proximity to each other.  We ask that parties of 10 or more also be on ONE CHECK ~ your server will check with you at the BEGINNING of your dining experience.

~ If one check is not possible for your entire party please let him/her know then ~

* Week Days work better than Weekends ~ if your party is available to come on a Weekday (Sunday-Wednesday) it is preferable.  We will do our best to accomodate larger parties on the Weekends ~ most will be split ~ but we ask that you be patient as we are very busy on Weekends and we will work our hardest to accommodate ALL of our guests to ensure that everyone has a fantastic experience and receives the highest quality service!

~*~ Grab a beer at our UPstairs or downSTAIRS bars and enjoy the view looking down on the  Brew House from the UPstairs Waiting Area, or head  outside (if it’s nice) and relax at the Bier Garden while you wait for your table ~*~